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“We just wanted to thank you for all you are doing not only for prospective adoptive parents but also for all the waiting children looking for a forever family.

When you are a prospective adoptive family, sometimes that wait is the hardest thing to deal with. Your website has provided those of us desiring to add to our family a way to connect with children desiring a family. This website is the only one like it and we believe it really gives these children a chance for their forever family. We know that your staff is wonderfully helpful and they really care about the families and the children.

Our family has been blessed with one of the children profiled on your website and she has recently joined our family. We always tell any prospective adoptive families about your website and we especially enjoy seeing pictures and reading profiles about children who perhaps could become part of our forever family.”

-          Adoptive family, New Brunswick, January 2005


The Adoption Council of Canada is Canada’s voice for adoption. We envision a world where every child and youth in Canada has a permanent, supported family. We know that permanency can come through adoption, legal guardianship, kinship care or customary care.

We support and encourage people like you along your adoption journey. We will help to connect you to the resources you need as you build your family.

There are thousands of children and youth in the care of our provinces and territories who are waiting for permanent families. There are thousands of families across Canada, including you, who are willing to adopt – but most prospective parents don’t know enough about the children and youth who need permanent homes. Maybe you are among the families who would like to learn more about the kinds of supports waiting and children need.

We hope this website, and our website, will provide you with some of the information you are seeking.


Sign Up!

If you would like to receive a password to view the pictures and profiles of the waiting children and youth listed on our site, please follow the instructions in the link and sign up here. 

If you want to upload your own family profile to our database of waiting families, please register with us. Once you have filled out a family information form and paid the $50 registration fee, which is good for one year, we will post your profile on the website. The fees cover our administrative costs.

Social workers from across Canada who have registered with us will be able to visit the family profile page, to help them in their search for families for the children/youth on their caseloads.

In order to be able to complete an "Expression of Interest" for any of the waiting children, youth or sibling groups profiled on our website, you must first register, complete your family information form and pay the $50.00 registration fee. Once we have processed this, the Expression of Interest section will become visible to you. 

We will then connect you with the social worker for the waiting child, children, or youth(s).

Thank you for visiting Canada’s Waiting Children, and for your interest in the children and youth who need permanent families.

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