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The Adoption Council of Canada (ACC) is the umbrella organization for adoption in Canada



1. Are all Canadian children or youth who are available for adoption listed on this site?


The number of children or youth featured on this website depends upon the authorization of child welfare agencies across Canada. Although estimates indicate that there are 30,000 children in Canada waiting for adoption, only a small number of these children are part of the program. Generally, children are referred to our program when homes have not been found in their province or territory.


2. What are the children or youth like who are referred to Canada's Waiting Children?

Most children or youth referred to CWC are three years of age and older – including youth who are above the age of majority. The children and youth referred to CWC have not found a permanent and loving family within their own region. Canda's Waiting Children widens the prospect of a match among these youth and prospective adoptive parents. Some of the children and youth may have special considerations that need to be met.


3. How can I view the photolisting?

You can view the CWC photolisting by obtaining a password by signing up


4. How do I obtain a password?

Easy! Just sign up here! Once we review the information you submit, if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, over the age of 18, and you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions, we will send you a password via email. 


5. How long do I have to wait to get a password?

You will receive a password within three to five business days of signing up.


6. I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

We've all been there - no worries! Next to the login button on the front page is a "Forgot Password" button. Click on that, enter your username, and we will send your password to the email on file. If you can't remember, or want to change the email that you have on file, please send us an email at with some details. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. 


7. Can I get a password by calling the 1-888-54-ADOPT number?

No. Passwords can only be obtained by completing the sign up process.


8. I have a password, now what?

Once you have received your password, simply login anytime to view the children and youth listed with Canada’s Waiting Children. We update the photolisting regularly, so keep your password safe and readily available for future use. If you'd like to submit and expression of interest for any of the profiled children, youth or sibling groups, you must upload a family profile, complete the family information form, and pay a $50 registration fee. 


9. My password is not working. What do I do?

First, make sure that you have typed in the password exactly as it was sent to you. The password is case sensitive, so please remember that this includes the upper-case and lower case as well as any spaces, as this is part of the password. For example a lower case “b” is not the same as an upper case “B”.


10. I have not received my password yet. Why?

You may not have entered your e-mail address correctly when signing up. One in ten of the password requests we receive tend to have the wrong email address.


11. I am interested in one of the children or youth on the photolisting, how do I get more information?

If you want to submit an Expression of Interest for any of the profiled children, youth and sibling groups, you must upload a family profile, complete the family information form, and pay a $50 registration fee. 


12. What is the registration fee?

Registration is $50 for the first twelve months, with a $25 annual renewal fee should you wish to continue participating in the program after the first year. We charge these fees to cover our administrative costs related to the website. We also prepare and send out regular updates throughout the year, and liaise with any adoption social workers on your behalf if you submit an expression of interest in CWC children or youth.


13. What if I express an interest in a child or youth?

When you express an interest in a child or youth, we will forward your family information form and/or homestudy and/or profile to the child or youth’s adoption worker. That social worker will review your information and consider you as a potential match. 


14. Can people living outside of Canada adopt Canadian children or youth using this service?

No. This service is only available to Canadian residents.


15. What does the "ON HOLD" caption mean?

The ON HOLD caption is to indicate that there has been a development in the child or youth’s adoption file and the adoption worker is not accepting any new expressions of interest from potential adoptive families at this time.


16. We have four kinds of visitors to the Canada's Waiting Children website. That’s why parts of the site are visible to only some of our audiences.

  • Most of the site will not be visible to vistors without a password. To request a password, just sign up
  • Visitors with a password will be able to see the profiles of waiting children, youth and sibling groups.
  • If you are a social worker, and you'd like to add the profiles of children, youth and sibling groups, you can register as a professional. When we have processed your registration, you will also be able to access professional resources that will be available on the website. You will also be able to browse throught the profiles of registeres families who are interested in adopting waiting children, youth and sibling groups. 
  • If you are a (potential) family and wish to have your family available for social workers from across the country to look at, you can upload your family profile, complete your family information form and pay the $50.00 registration fee. You must register with us if you'd like to express an interest in a child, youth, or sibling group that you saw on our photolisting. 
  • Most of the site will not be visible to visitors without a password. To request a password, sign up here.

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